A brief insight into Book #4: 'From Sour Grape to Sweet Lemonade'

or simply called 'Idiocy' for short.

This story is about the juices of life that allows us to survive with bitters, sweet and sours, sugar and spice – that is life!  And, how do we take the bitters and sours and turn them into sweetness? You’ve heard the phrase ‘you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar (or sugar).’  Well I know it’s true that you’ll have more success by being kind to people, open and honest. Strong characters persevere.


How Self-Motivation, Perseverance, & Happiness

Can Change Your Life!

We learn in life that self-motivation, perseverance and happiness can change your life – well yes, it can and then some. Although some people find that nugget of negativity and never let go -- they dwell on it and ascribe to everything that has happened to them.  For me to move forward, I chose a different path.  The sunlight with cherry blossoms filled with red blood orange grapefruits, sweet lemonade and yes sour grapes too.  I love to eat them and have been selective in my sweet and sour pursuit of happiness.  Beautiful fruitful colors.  Self-motivation, inspiration, perseverance and that pursuit of happiness to help me resolve what are on my mind and relax, to forgive and forget.  That positivity of growth we all desperately want. 

Well, you hear people say it all the time, ‘I wonder what message the “Universe” is sending me?’  I am one of those who likewise invoke “the Universe.”  Speaking for myself, this is my way of acknowledging the invisible, mysterious and all-powerful force that I feel binds us and all things together.  This force, far greater than I, is able to help me when I need it by putting obstacles in a particular path I am on that did or can lead to disaster.  “It” does this in order to force me to go down an infinity better, healthier and smarter path in life, whether personally or professionally.  Invoking “the Universe:” is also my way of expressing a belief that one can find a valuable life lesson in everything that happens to us, and then use it to improve every aspect of our lives . . . . . 

You MUST move on and learn how to contend with the situation at hand, think logically, from the GUT, don’t listen to everyone surrounding you, make decisions in your life that make you happy!  It is the healthy way to live.  I AM A SURVIVOR!  I know it now – not from widowhood or breast cancer but from all that I have endured.  Now I know how to turn Sour Green Grapes and Bitter Sweet, Blood Orange Red Grapefruits into Sweet Juicy Yellow Lemonade!!  Funny thing is I love all these juicy fruits!  . . . .

I had felt completely justified in a sour grapes point of view.  But when I discovered the secrets to turning those angry purple and green grapes filled with bursting venom into the sweetest lemonade you can imagine – nothing about my life was ever the same.

How does this transition take place? How was I able to transmute truly painful experiences into valuable life lessons?  And, eventually, how was I able to do this not just after I had suffered widowhood, breast cancer, divorce, abuse, depression, and so many other horrific hardships while I was still in the thick of the turmoil?

That is exactly what this book is about!  And to make my points as clear as possible, I am going to be completely open and transparent about each of the challenging reality stories I was involved in, over a long series of soul-searching experiences, and show you how I am able to emerge not only whole but triumphant, positive and happy.  The joys of life!  The pursuit of happiness as I wrote in BLISS is here!

Positive energy, inspiration people and spirit fulfill me.  Fresh squeezed lemons and some green grapes are two of my all- time favorites!  Enjoy the fruits of my labor in life’s lessons and de-stressors.  Discover how you too can become carefree and fancy free.  I am tip toeing and dancing in Living My Dreams as I also wrote I would do.   Engage and embrace change.  Only you can make that happen for yourself.  Now do it!  Here’s how I did. . . . .

Acknowledgment; a special thanks to my son, Matt for helping formulate the title of my new book, named IDIOCY for short.  My children continue to inspire me each and every day in some way.  Creativity comes from within – it is a mindset and phenomenon.   When in the midst of chaos find that stillness inside you, states award winning author and creative designer Karen Salmansohn.  Sometimes the light bulb goes off when we put our best ideas forward.  Go put your creative ideas into P-L-A-Y.  These are a few of my idiotic reality stories. I hope you’ll find the sweet pure lemonade I found from all those sour green grapes!  Whatever title I decide to use on the spine of the book, I will know that there's love in the name and meaning in each story. 

'I find that every story has an end, but in life every end is just a new beginning'.

A special Chapter written for my children about 'A Mother's Love' to be published soon.