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MyPainWokeMeUpTrilogy - $75 for all 3 soft cover titles, 4 color ($108 value) plus $4.95 S&H or $25 for all 3 e-books of the Trilogy, 4 color!

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Cannazine  - soft cover or e-book, 4 color graphics booklet for adults (Vol1, 1st edition) $5.00 plus $2.50 S&H (printed version). Preview Jean’s columm  Cannibis: Breast Cancer Advanced Treatment    here     (pgs 33/34 of the 46-pg booklet).

Cannazine - soft cover or e-book, 4 color graphics booklet for adults (Vol1, 1st edition) $5.00 plus $2.50 S&H (printed version). Preview Jean’s columm Cannibis: Breast Cancer Advanced Treatment here (pgs 33/34 of the 46-pg booklet).

Cannazine Graphics Novel - written by 11 Ladies of the Zine! 

A graphic booklet for adults about Breast Cancer Survivor Stories and Medical Cannabis, medical pigmentation, Areonip tattoos (ins. reimbursable), fabulous Areonip ink art, and more. Now shipping

JEAN CRISS wrote a trilogy series - "My Pain Woke Me Up - BLISS, Legal Injustice and LIVE Your Dreams" - three candid stories about her life through widowhood, divorce, breast cancer, and the pursuit of happiness to becoming an entrepreneur.  As a single mother of 2 most her life, Jean was laid off with breast cancer and during divorce - the hardship days.  She sought out to start a small business, first a creative media services agency and expanded her franchise into innovation. 

Today, Jean is a media-preneur at heart, an author, writer/columnist, fashion designer of intimate apparel, and innovator and investor of other patented products too.  She documented her journey from her hospital bed and self-published a colorful trilogy series with humor and graphics to depict her story.  

Jean is an avid-entrepreneur in the digital media industry, recognized for her sales and marketing innovation. Before the launch of Jean Criss Media, LLC, she spent 25 years in high-tech and digital media in the Midwest and Northeast markets in leadership positions for various technology and publishing companies.  Her ability to develop strong relationships over the years resulted in over $100+ million in computer hardware, software, service, and digital media sales.

Jean has served on two Boards - one in Community Public Relations and also on the Board of Trustees at the North Jersey Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® where she helped raise over $15 million towards the Affiliate's grant programs between 2007 - 2011.  She co-produced various PSA campaigns including Komen's first Race for the Cure® PSA featuring Grammy-award winning artist, Gloria Gaynor, and former Fox 5 medical correspondent, Dr. Sapna Parikh and appeared in a few herself. Net proceeds from "My Pain Woke Me Up - BLISS©" will benefit Komen for the Cure®and the Joe Torre Safe@Home® Foundations.  Consumers can support one of five Breast Cancer Research organizations at check-out when purchasing her Intimate Apparel brand, Jean's motto: Don't let cancer get the BREAST of you!  She didn't!

Jean is the single mother of two teenagers and resides in northern New Jersey. BLISS©, Legal Injustice© and "LIVE Your Dreams©" were written, designed and self-published by the author, Jean Criss. Criss has written her fourth book in the series, continuing to unleash her inner creativity in a new short reality series -- making all those dreams come true! "From Sour Grapes to Bitter-Sweet Lemonade©", sharing the tell-tale personal and business experiences of how to turn idiotic situations into positive outcomes (currently unpublished).

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