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Episode #1 Series Announcement

Teaser Announcement - CRISSCROSS

Episode #2 Chef Jesse Jones, Private Catering

Episode #3 Ross Cobb, Cobb Wines

Episode #4 Dawn Ellison, EZ Breezy Media

Episode #5 Stay Tuned For Upcoming Shows!

A Video Blog Series entitled 'Java with Jean'. Interviews by Jean Criss with Industry Experts, intriguing discussions involving media, culinary, production, publishing and fashion. Learn about top business trends, tips and techniques. Sign up today and be the first callers to receive a fun promotion. | 212/792-4106. Shows will be posted here: and Join our mailing list: http://jeancrissmedia.us7.list-manage...

JAVA WITH JEAN: EZ Breezy Media with Dawn Ellison Interview discusses branding, social media and marketing. Learn more about web development and other opportunities and for a special 50% promotional offer, please contact or 212/792-4106 and mention EZ Breezy. Stay tuned for future episodes of Java with Jean!

Professional Women Entrepreneur events I have blogged for include:  #DesigningWomen   #MUSEAwards #WITW14 hosted by #NYWIFT plus #WLE - LEXCI other #Fashion organizations I participate in and as a new member of #LBC, one of the largest growing communities nationwide. Remember to FOLLOW me @jean_criss

    What did you hear about us?    Tune in  and listen to my recent Radio Talk Blog Shows with  Stu Taylor ,  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein , and upcoming  June 19th show  on WVNJ & WTHE with hosts  Marc Demetriou and Antoinette Gangi  of  and  Talking Alternative  with Sam Liebowitz on the Conscious Consultant Hour show.


What did you hear about us?

Tune in and listen to my recent Radio Talk Blog Shows with Stu Taylor, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, and upcoming June 19th show on WVNJ & WTHE with hosts Marc Demetriou and Antoinette Gangi of and Talking Alternative with Sam Liebowitz on the Conscious Consultant Hour show.

What's being said today?

What's being said today?

Let's discuss that!

Let's discuss that!

Welcome to Jean's Blog - what inspires you? 

November, 2016

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October, 2015

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August, 2015

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May, 2015

JAVA WITH JEAN Ep #3: EZ Breezy Media

April, 2015

JAVA WITH JEAN Ep#2: Chef Jesse Jones Private Catering

JAVA WITH JEAN Ep#1: Ross Cobb, Cobb Wines

March, 2015


Women and Leadership

Leadership & Self-Esteem . . .

February, 2015

A Few More Basic Steps . . . 

5 Do's and Don't to "Multi-Task" Soup Kitchens (as posted

November, 2014

Jean Criss created CRISSCROSS undergarments to make recovery from breast cancer more comfortable.

The Genetic Test That Could Transform Breast Cancer Care 

October, 2014

Union County Breast Cancer Survivor Launches Line of Post-Surgical Bras 

Breast Cancer Rates Decline in Most Central NJ Counties

AMA Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2013/14

August 11 - 15, 2014 

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June 2014

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May 2014

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February 2014

What the Hell is Yahoo Finance Thinking. . .

BLISS Book Review Buzz 

Legal Injustice Book Review Buzz

January 2014

Unlocking Your Potential - NYU Master's Program for Publishing & NPMS Career Days

December 2013

Unleash Your Unselfie (as posted 

My fav causes: #givingtuesday or #givinganyday! #unselfie. 

Forget The Selfie. Let's Make 2013 The Year Of The Unselfie

November 2013

 My Hot Tamales

September 2013

How Do You Spend Your FALL Days? 

My Proud Bro! Remarkable work at UofMHosp. w Hepatitus C

August 2013 & Prior

Do you Card Munch? 

Do you Wok or Wine? 

What's so great about 'D' (is that Digital or Detroit?)

On The Subject of Subject Lines. . . 

What Gen are You? 

How Much Do You Pay?

What's your Belief? 'Digital vs. ‘Print’? Which is Better and Why?

Does Your Child Have an 'Internet Addiction' or Are They a 'Digital Media' Junky?

From the Jersey Shore to Lakeshore Drive, Sandy Engulfs the Northeast and Travels as far as the Midwest! 

My Proud Dad - 'Doc Mike Pulls a Heavy Load' 

Turn Top Ideas Into Business Working Results

Author Jean Criss and BLISS! with Stu Taylor