Professional Testimonials - please refer to LinkedIN profile page for other endorsements.  


  • Patient of Courage: Triumph Over Adversity award, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

  • Heroes for Hope Leadership award, FUZE Beverages, Komen Race for the Cure.

  • Various Executive Leadership, President Club's, LEAD Mentor/Coach, other Annual & Quarterly Sales Recognition Achievement Awards.

"Jean Criss is a member of the WLE/LEXCI Women's Leadership group of which I am a part. I came to know Jean as an author, a charity advocate, and as a multi-media and events expert, whose expertise and passion is inspiring. Jean Criss combines the best of entrepreneurial skills with a sense of give back to the community which is beyond admirable. As Editor in Chief of GLOW Beauty, Health & Wellness Magazine, it was a pleasure to recently publish an article about Jean's journey in support of many breast cancer charities through her book, BLISS!"   exa

Anne Akers, Founder/Editor in ChiefGLOW Beauty Health & Wellness Magazine 

"Jean is an accomplished author of a book trilogy covering important and personally interesting topics. As an author, she combines an excellent writing skill with captivating images to provide a fun and engaging reader experience.   Moreover, Jean is a sales and marketing consultant/expert, who has had many phenomenal experiences and has made many significant achievements during her career. Her abilities to help companies and individuals with their sales, marketing, and publicity strategies are respected and admired by those with whom she has worked."

Don Seitz, Faculty Member, NYU and SVP, Author Solutions, Inc.

 "Jean Criss is a high energy, talented media consultant. She worked tirelessly on our first ever “Discover Summit Arts” Festival, and we achieved high visibility through creative use of multiple media venues collectively bringing over 3,000 people to the Summit community throughout our week-long program managing over 50 programs and sponsors in Performing, Visual, Culinary and Healing Arts last June. By far exceeding our goals creating our first destination of the arts event. I still don’t know how she managed all of it – she’s a real pro.”  

Mayor Ellen Dickson at City of Summit.

"A good deal of the Fifth, Fourth and Third Annual Summit Wine and Food Festival’s success was due in part to the media and marketing expertise of Jean Criss Media. Jean is a terrific facilitator; she’s made our transition from traditional print media to digital and visual seamless and smooth, while increasing our exposure. She also did a great job getting a good amount of new sponsors to our festival year over year.  I wholeheartedly recommend her services to any business or enterprise looking for more exposure in media sponsorship, publicity, social media and cable TV."

Ivan Ruiz Founder & Executive Director, Summit Wine & Food Festival, Owner of The Wine List of Summit

"Jean joined us as part of a tricky acquisition.  First, she helped drive the advertising revenue continuity on which such aquisitions depend.  Then, she used strong sales and diplomatic skills to broaden our product line across multiple media."

Pat Kenealy, Managing Director at IDG Ventures USA 

"Jean is a quality professional with a good deal of experiance and the energy level to back it up."

Dr. Jeff Papows, PhD/President & CEO, Lotus Development, now Board Member at Agero, Inc


Komen North Jersey Affiliate Board Testimonials:

"Jean is a conscientious dedicated individual with great organizational skills and commitment to providing excellent service."

Lois Greene, Board President, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, North Jersey Affiliate

 "I met Jean Criss when she walked into our office almost four years ago and said that she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and wanted to do a PSA on the importance of early detection.  Within two weeks, a PSA was running on premium channels such as Lifetime, MSNBC, CNN, Food Network, CNBC, etc.  Quite impressive!  Since that time, Jeans commitment and dedication to the Komen North Jersey Affiliate and its mission have been unwavering. We are most grateful for her support and friendship."

Beverly R. Cohen, Communications Manager, Susan G. Komen North Jersey Affiliate

"Jean and I Co-Chaired the Susan G. Komen North Jersey Affiliates Pink Tie Party in 2009. I truly dont know where she gets her energy and focus. No task was too great, even with her workload. I didn't know Jean prior to her being diagnosed, but she certainly has not let breast cancer hold her back. Jeans commitment to finding the cure for breast cancer is contagious. It is hard to say no to her when she asks for your cooperation!"

Joan Rothbard Simms, Volunteer, Susan G. Komen North Jersey Affiliate 

"If I were to say anything about Jean Criss, it would be to acknowledge heras a woman of extraordinary courage and a woman of extraordinary heart! When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, Jean came to the North Jersey Affiliate -- not seeking help for herself, but to find a way to help other women in the community by sharing her story and creating breast cancer awareness.  In the Spring of 2008, Jean and Comcast partnered with the North Jersey Affiliate and began a collaborative initiative in support of Komens signature fundraising and education events which continues to this day. She is a true ambassador of the Komen promise and a dedicated, highly effective spokesperson for the organization in the fight against breast cancer."

Barbara Waters, Education and Outreach Manager, Susan G. Komen North Jersey Affiliate